Natural Stone Variations Policy

1. Natural Stone Products:
a. Stone Innovations Ltd offers natural stone products, which are inherently unique and may exhibit natural variations in colour, texture, veining, and markings.
b. These variations are a natural characteristic of stone and contribute to its beauty and individuality.

2. Product Descriptions and Images:
a. The product descriptions and images displayed on the Stone Innovations Ltd website are intended to provide a general representation of the product.
b. However, it is important to note that the actual product received may differ in appearance from the website images.
c. Stone Innovations Ltd strives to provide accurate descriptions and representative images, but variations are expected due to the natural characteristics of stone.

3. Understanding Natural Variations:
a. Customers should be aware that natural stone products may exhibit variations in colour, pattern, shade, veining, and surface texture.
b. These variations can occur between different pieces of the same product, as well as between the product received and the website images or samples.

4. Unique Characteristics:
a. Stone products may contain natural features such as fossils, mineral streaks, pits, fissures, or other markings that are part of the stone's geological formation.
b. These unique characteristics are not defects but rather inherent qualities that add to the natural beauty and individuality of each stone.

5. Customer Expectations:
a. Stone Innovations Ltd encourages customers to have realistic expectations regarding the natural variations in stone products.
b. Prior to making a purchase, customers are advised to review any available samples or visit a Stone Innovations Ltd showroom to gain a better understanding of the stone's characteristics.

6. Returns and Exchanges:
a. Returns or exchanges solely based on natural variations in the stone's appearance are subject to the standard return policy as outlined in the Return Stroke Refunds Policy.
b. Stone Innovations Ltd will not accept returns or exchanges solely due to natural variations, as these are inherent qualities of the product.