What are Stone Veneers?

Stone Innovations have produced an innovative stone veneer made of 100% natural stone: from less than 1mm to 1.5mm thin, flexible and light weight.

To produce these beautiful stone blocks from around the world are chosen. With our revolutionary method we are able to produce many paper thin veneers from one large slate block. The back is reinforced with proprietary fiberglass or flexible cotton for better stability and easy processing. All components are harmless to health and correspond to the highest quality standards.

Regardless if used for producing furniture, a wall or floor covering- even in your shower and as a beautiful piece of art with an incredible light effect: stone veneers have almost no limits.

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German Innovation

Revamp your space effortlessly with our 3D Peel & Stick Natural Stone Tiles. No professionals needed - just peel, stick, and enjoy their intricate textures and captivating colours for instant transformation.


Available in a range of colours

Easily uplift your space with our versatile 3D Peel & Stick Natural Stone Tiles. Enjoy their timeless elegance and vibrant colours without needing professionals or adhesive. Transform rooms and add sophistication effortlessly.


Natural Stone without the weight

Our lightweight stone veneers offer the beauty of natural stone with easy installation and minimal upkeep. Versatile for interior and exterior use, these cost-effective, eco-friendly options come in a variety of styles for easy, stunning transformations.


Perfect for use in any project

Embrace elegance with our handpicked natural stone veneer collection. Crafted for durability and authentic beauty, it's perfect for any project. Create captivating spaces that exude timeless charm and sophistication. Discover perfection today.

Expertly crafted natural stone effect tiles, designed using only the highest quality stone.
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Type of Stone Veneer

A real innovation in stone tiles. Our lightweight stone veneers are extremely versatile and flexible, meaning they can be applied as an interior or exterior wall covering.


Peel & Stick

Due to the stone’s 2mm thickness, it is completely flexible & lightweight allowing for quick installation.


Veneer Tiles

With lower shipping costs, preparation requirement and fitting costs per sqm the total job costs are vastly lower with stone veneer products.


Shower & Feature Wall

Flex-Stone is very light: Weighing at 1,5 kg per m², Meaning can be installed quickly and easily over a
variety of substrate materials.

Peel & Stick Stone Veneer

A real innovation in stone tiles. Our lightweight stone veneers are extremely versatile and flexible, meaning they can be applied as an interior or exterior wall covering.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

  • No adhesive required to install
    Effortless, fast, and clean installation with self-adhesive technology.
  • Easy, quick and dust-free installation
    Install with speed and zero dust or Wall Adhesive required.
  • Do it yourself product
    Perfect for DIY our product ensures effortless installation and stunning results.
  • Water & fire resistant product
    Our 3D Peel & Stick product: waterproof, fire-resistant, and reliable.
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Installation is as simple as 4 steps


Clean & Prepare


Measure & Cut


Remove Backing


Fix to Wall

The Latest Innovation in Stone Tiles

What exactly is this flexible stone solution?

Slate Stone Translucent Veneers! A wafer-thin, real stone veneer. The 100% natural stone surface is supported with a thin layer of fiberglass for better stability and ease of application. No two batches are the same, therefore your project is truly unique to you.

Applications for the range of stone or slate veneers is almost limitless so quite apart from creating stunning feature walls the number of differing applications is limited only by your creativity. It can be applied internally and externally with equal effect.

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Exquisite Wood Panels: Sophisticated. Warmth. Quality. Textures. Timeless. Nature. Interiors.
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Our customers love us...

"Stone Innovations' stone veneer is a transformative game-changer. Exceptional quality, realistic look, and easy installation made it a joy. Versatile and elegant, it adds value to any space. Top-notch customer service enhances the experience. Highly recommended for captivating, stylish environments."
"I recently tried Stone Innovations' 3D Peel & Stick product, and I must say it revolutionized my renovation experience. The ease of installation combined with its remarkable quality gave my space a stunning transformation. I highly recommend this game-changing product from Stone Innovations."
"Stone Innovations wood panel product exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the rich tones and textures brought a warm, inviting atmosphere to my space. Installation was a breeze. I highly recommend this product for its outstanding quality and stunning design."
"Ordered the cement backed stone veneer product transformed my home's exterior. The realistic texture and color variations are truly impressive. Not only does it add a touch of elegance, but its durability ensures long-lasting beauty. I couldn't be happier with this product. Highly recommended!"
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